Before Your Session

Where do sessions take place?

All Newborn Sessions will be taken in my baby friendly studio in Braintree in Essex - CM7 9RX.


How can I schedule a newborn session when I don’t know when my baby will be born?

All bookings are based on your estimated due date. This serves as a place marker in my diary. Then all you have to do is call me once your precious bundle arrives and we’ll finalise a day for your shoot. Please do ring, email or text as soon as possible after delivery. It is really important that newborn photos are done within the first 10 days of life, as this is when your baby will be at its sleepiest and most cooperative. However if your baby is older please read this blog post. Please don’t wait to book until your baby is born.


How old should my baby be at his Newborn Photo Shoot?

For a Newborn Photo Shoot it's generally recommended that your baby is under two weeks. having said that it's different for every baby, and as I look back on the babies that I have met over the last six years I can safely say that each baby is unique, and the wonderful thing about newborn photography is that we tailor each shoot to your baby and how they are on the day of the shoot. If they're having a day when they want to feed a lot then that's what we do. :-)

In cases where parents have contacted me when their baby is over two weeks I find that parents are the best judge of how deeply their baby will sleep. If you are desperate for sleepy shots please do book your shoot before your baby is three weeks old.


Why do newborn shoots take place in the first 2 weeks?

Newborn shoots take place in the first two weeks because during this time the sleepy curled up poses can be achieved, after this time babies tend to sleep less and are less flexible so it will be less likely that we achieve those poses.

Most of the time a baby under two weeks is completely oblivious to what's going on around them that they quite often sleep through the entire session. If your baby was premature then there is a slightly larger window of opportunity.


When should I book my shoot?

I highly recommend contacting me around your 20 week scan to book your shoot. All bookings are based on your Estimated Due Date and your EDD will serve as a place marker in my diary. The actual date of your shoot is not confirmed until your little one has arrived.

Advance booking is the only way to ensure I will have space for your baby's shoot after it is born. I limit the number of newborn shoots each week to accommodate date changes, Babies are rarely born on time so I aim to be completely flexible with dates. Session fees are payable at the time of booking.


What is included in the newborn creative fee?

The £100 covers your session time, me preparing the proofs, and your viewing appointment, and does not include any products.


At Your Session

What do I do if my baby is Jaundiced?

If you baby is suffering from Jaundice I would suggest that it might be a good idea to leave your shoot until this has settled down, it's normally gone by 14 days. Please do keep me posted of any issues that might affect your shoot.


What should a baby wear for a newborn shoot?

In my opinion the best thing for your baby to wear is nothing, if you are in my studio it will be kept warm so they won’t get cold, so please do wear layers to your shoot!

It is also worth mentioning that having taken off their nappies I am quite prepared to have some cleaning up to do. I have lots of baby blankets and spare props so everything just goes in the wash after the shoot. It’s not a problem and I’m used to it, so please don’t feel embarrassed!


How long will the shoot take?

During your Newborn shoot I suggest that you sit back and relax. I won't need much assistance, so take advantage of this time to rest. Newborn shoots generally take up to 4 hours, so please plan for that. Seating is limited in the studio, so I recommend bringing no more than yourself, your spouse/partner.

It’s best not to rush Newborns as they need time to settle to get those great shots. Happy babies have full tummies, so this allows plenty of time for feeding and cuddles and relaxed atmosphere without parents feeling pressured. I quite often play white noise, which also helps them to settle.


Do you just photograph newborns?

No I don't just do Newborn Photography, I also do Maternity and children of any age in the studio or on location.


Can I have photographs of my newborn with their siblings?

Yes of course you can, how this works would all depend upon how old the siblings are, if they're at school, just let me know you have other children and we can work out a plan!


Can we have parent shots with out baby?

I actively encourage you to have images with your baby, it's such a lovely memento to remind you have how small they were. Most parents opt to wear black t-shirts and I use a black background. The black on black is very flattering especially if you are worried or self conscious about your post baby figure.


After Your Session

How will I view the images from my session?

I offer all clients an in person viewing session this normally takes place about two weeks after your shoot. You'll simple view your images and tell me what you'd like to purchase, but I will be there to help with any questions on products an keep and eye on your children/newborn whilst you choose.


Can I purchase digital files?

Yes of course! Digital files are sold through my Collections. Each collection comes with complimentary bespoke fine art prints, birth announcement cards and depending on the Collection you purchase there is also a discount on wall art. The minimum number of digital files you can purchase is 5, right through to all the images in your gallery. If you are just looking for a frame with images this isn't a problem either.


How can I pay for my session and my products?

I can accept credit/debit card payments, cash and Bank Transfer.


How long does it take to get my photos?

I’ll contact you within two weeks of your photo shoot and organize a viewing session. You choose what you want, and once payment is received I’ll start to process your order – this includes design of any customised items. Prints usually take 2-4 weeks. Products and framing can take longer, but I can give you an estimate when you place your order..


What happens to my files after my session?

After a session I spend about an hour downloading and backing up files, I will then spend a few days processing them and getting them ready for your viewing. Any digital files you purchase will be sent to you on a USB.


What is a digital file?

A digital file/image is essentially a negative, but in digital format.


Why are digital files so expensive?

Actually, they're not. Digital files are a luxury item, in days of film, photographers never parted with their negatives. Thankfully with digital photography you now have the luxury of being able to purchase those files.

When you consider the amount of work that goes into a digital file to make it print ready for anything a client might want it for. A digital file is a very cost effective option. Your images will come with a print release, which will enable you to print those images as often as you want. You may also share those digital images with friends and family. I find that often family members will club together to purchase digital files.

I put a lot of time and effort into creating the perfect pictures for you. It has taken me a lot of years to train to be a good photographer, and to be able to edit images to an extremely high standard – all of this goes into the end product, whether you purchase the digital files, an album or prints – the effort and value of the pictures is the same.


What exactly does “editing” a photo entail?

This is truly a huge question, and hard to answer with words. It can mean increasing contrast, adjusting the white balance, changing colour hues, removing pimples, erasing debris, the possibilities are truly endless, and every single image requires something different.


Do you run any kind of scheme for repeat clients?

Yes I do run a referral scheme, the success of my business is solely because my clients recommend me, which is such an amazing compliment! Each time someone you have referred books a shoot you’ll receive a £25 credit. Just get your friends to mention your name when booking and I will take care of the rest. When you refer 4 people, you’ll receive a £100 print credit! I do not have a limit, so feel free to take advantage of this as often as you like! Thank you for your continued support and loyalty!